Monday, May 26, 2014

"The place I am from..."

This is a poem that I wrote as a parent assignment for my son's school.  They were talking about cultural heritage, and asked ( politely) the parents to participate by creating a poem about the place they are coming from.  What do you think?

                                                      Photo courtesy: Boby Dimitrov

“The place I am from…”

The place I am from, the roses are red with the blood of the warriors,
The ones who are proud, and strong, and victorious.
The warriors that can build a country with the top of their spear,
The ones who ride and then live, all without fear.
The ones who fight to the death when everything slips through their fingers
The 500 year yoke is still in the air and it lingers.
The place I am from has its own legends,
the ones that are scary, and true and courageous.
They talk about tribes, strong-willed and bloodthirsty rulers,
The kind who drinks from a skull encrusted with jewels.
The place that I come from, Bulgaria, is unyielding.
In that place the children grow up fast, their parents aren’t shielding
Them, from the past, and the present, and future
It’s part of the life, it’s part of the culture.
Bulgarians love strong, but their hate’s even stronger.
That’s what helped them their country to reconquer.
Our blood is hot, and there is sweat on our foreheads
Hard work and convictions, that’s what moved us ahead,
The place I am from, the country is strong, but the family stronger.
You figure out early, it’s what helps you survive a bit longer.
The place I am from, we fought time, fears and enemies,
From one, to the next, through dozens of centuries.  
The place where I am from, the songs are sad, and are calling me.
Even the earth there smells so differently.
In that land, the “babas” are wiping their tears only in private,
That is what taught them standing up to the tyrants.
In the place where I am from, the mountains are haunting,
The water is cool, the language is bonding.
The place I am from, we know what it means to be free
Through all of the years- one thousand three hundred and thirty three,
We lived with the words “be dead or be free”.
And I am from there, and my children are too.
From a world that is as different, as it is true.
For we all carry the song of the warriors in our veins,
We all hear the call, when it’s quiet and rains,
As you can be as far from Bulgaria as you may,
But she is always in you, and is there to stay.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Download first three chapters for FREE

As I announced on Facebook a week ago, I would like to make everyone a Thanksgiving present and share the first three chapters of my Woolly book for free.

Simply download the file and print it for your kids to enjoy!

If you are interested in learning more about Woolly, you can check out his webpage . You can purchase AUTOGRAPHED copies of the book and calendar from Annie's Art Book Etsy Store or you can buy just regular copies from AMAZON ( including free shipping) or directly from

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

To Alex

Alex 37th Bday51

" To Alex"
On this day, August nineteenth, 
The year-nineteen seventy sixth,
You came in this world with a cry, 
Right then, you didn't know why. 

Many people are born on that day
Many are famous or not, in a way,
A lot of them happy, some angry or sad,
Some busy or lazy, or something like that.

Some try to do better, some really don’t care
Some constantly whine that life is not fair.
But you are so different, you always stand out,
And I didn’t need 37 years to find out.

From the very first moment I saw you, I knew
There is no one that would ever compare to you.
You make me so happy, when I feel sad
And nobody ever did it like that.

You hold my hand when I feel I can fall
You listen to all my heartaches, big or small.
And that is all that anyone wants in their life
To find someone like you by their side.

It’s a good thing I’ve found you before,
‘cause there aren’t as many as you anymore.
And I feel lucky beyond compare
That I have someone like you and you care.

I don’t care if you’re perfect or not,
I don't care what everyone else ever thought.
I know were are meant for each other, it is true,
I don’t care, as long as I have YOU.

Sometimes there are no stars in the sky
But I promise you that I will try
To show you every day till I die
That nobody loves you better than I.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Valentine's day inspiration

Reunion 201248

As it turns out working on my Valentine's day projects for the Etsy store has it's risks. I was so engulfed in my work today that I simply couldn't stop. That, and watching The Tudors, helped creating this:

Your grace

I stand before you blind from love,
My blindness –curse or blessing,
I never search for beauty anymore,
Just your lips, your sweet caressing.

For who would find what beauty is,
If Beauty it is only you?
Your love is everlasting, eternity- your kiss,
your heart is pure and true.

‘Cause it is you who lingers in my mind
And lets me not to rest,
And it is you, who masters all my dreams,
But that is why I love you best.

For you have got my heart entangled
in your invisible unbreakable embrace,
You, lovely, irresistible and darling,
You, my merciless embodiment of grace. 

It is  not my first poem in English( not to mention how many I have in Bulgarian); however, it is the very first one in my second language that was just flowing out of me and I didn't have to alter afterward just so I can "fix" the meaning, or the grammar, or just "fix" it in general. Before I was always trying to "translate" the feeling by translating the meaning. There was always something missing. This one felt like what a first poem should feel like. And of course, it is the first one I am sharing with you. 
I meant to save it for Valentine's day for my sweetheart, but I showed it to him today. There shouldn't be a right time to love, right? And I know he will inspire me to write another one for Valentine's day anyway.

This part of my blog was waiting and waiting to be filled. I always wondered what I should start with? How many of you know for example that I have 2 children's books finished, 1 adult book halfway through, one for middleschoolers in the very beginning and one cook book in progress? I'm not even going to talk about the countless poems...
All of this will come to you, little by little. 
I am currently working on the illustrations of one of the children's books and hopefully it will be available in e-book format very soon. 

What inspired YOU today?

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